So I suppose I should kick my ass into gear or something

2012-11-13 20:41:22 by jacobmorris92

Hey guys, it's me again, I really need to like, keep myself up to date or something

Been busy with college and failing as a musician. I fancy working on some new animations - largely to fill up the gap in my productivity that's allowed my last animation with the Vachinachu to be the first thing visitors see on this page, but I suppose it'll be fun all the same.

Stay tuned, at any rate. I'm not quite dead yet.

New Movie,

2010-07-28 19:44:30 by jacobmorris92

It's a quirky little number called Dream Rape.
Enjoy, folks.

Reasons to love music.

2010-06-30 17:05:45 by jacobmorris92

One of many.

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2010-06-11 16:04:19 by jacobmorris92

If anyone needs me, I'm gonna be in Cornwall for a week starting from tomorrow morning. Not that I'm particularly keen on holidays (homesickness and the lark), but it's a family one and it'd seem antisocial to stay at home on my own.

.....Bugger, I forgot. Now would probably be a good time to pack.

New Guitar. Woo!

2010-06-04 08:53:39 by jacobmorris92

Recently ordered a Hodson Jazzcat, which is essentially a replica of the Fender Jazzmaster. I fucking love this thing, for £131 it's really bloody good quality.

What I like most of all is that it's fitted with a strat bridge instead of the standard Jazzmaster one, which is good cause I can't stand the tremolo on an authentic Jazzmaster.

New Guitar. Woo!


Also, a flash animation will come sometime soon - I promise. It's been a while since I've animated anything...

Paul Gray.

2010-05-24 20:23:42 by jacobmorris92

I can sincerely, hand-on-my-heart, honestly admit that I really don't care that much.

It's sad, but so is every other death that ever happens to someone who made something with their life. Not that any of us ever knew him personally anyway.