Entry #1

Paul Gray.

2010-05-24 20:23:42 by jacobmorris92

I can sincerely, hand-on-my-heart, honestly admit that I really don't care that much.

It's sad, but so is every other death that ever happens to someone who made something with their life. Not that any of us ever knew him personally anyway.


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2010-05-24 20:43:05

you are a faggot

jacobmorris92 responds:

You perpetuate the stereotype of slipknot fans being a bunch of unintelligent preteen monomaniacs. Better a faggot than a homophobe anyway.


2010-05-28 07:29:51

Did you hear Paul Grey left Slipknot?

He's off to join a Death Metal band!

jacobmorris92 responds:

LOL. I like you.


2010-05-31 15:49:48

I have to agree, Also, I didn't get banned!


2010-06-02 06:48:58

i love to eat hearts.