2010-06-11 16:04:19 by jacobmorris92

If anyone needs me, I'm gonna be in Cornwall for a week starting from tomorrow morning. Not that I'm particularly keen on holidays (homesickness and the lark), but it's a family one and it'd seem antisocial to stay at home on my own.

.....Bugger, I forgot. Now would probably be a good time to pack.


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2010-06-27 07:28:58

Not trying to be a dick but,
I think you should join a band, because your guitar skills are pretty slick, but your voice is just, horrible man.

jacobmorris92 responds:

I've been meaning to start a band for the last god knows, but never been able to due to lack of contacts/adequate transport etc.... Still, I start college in September where no doubt I won't be the only student who can play a musical instrument so I'm looking forward to that.

As far as the singing goes, I'd say in my defence that all the best rockstars were atrocious singers (J Mascis, Kurt Cobain), but that's no excuse for me to not improve/not try I guess haha :P